Social Media doesn’t need to be “in your face,” just responsive and have a purpose.

Creating conversations builds trust and sways consumer attitudes

better than non-reactive ads.

We are a digital marketing agency located in NY, CA and PA.

We create, develop and produce websites and social media interactions to help our clients
reach their targeted markets and drive sales.
We utilize marketing strategies and research to help develop positive outcomes and interactions,
always with our client objectives in mind.


Posting social content in an attempt to affect response brings with it a layer of responsibility to both the brand being represented and the consumer being targeted. At CandoDigital we take our postings serious, and focus on what your desired results and/or actions you have in mind. Each post and the accompanying hashtag(s) are calculated elements created to have a desired effect. Our content creators take the social, familiar and geolocation factors into consideration when writing posts for a specific brand and market.


Posting without a purpose is a waste. It is that simple! If you own a business and are looking to generate interest or start a conversation, posting is your voice to your market. At CandoDigital we strive for all our reach-outs to serve your marketing goals we specified when we started a specific project. Each one crafted for a maximum affect and return. If not we see them as wasted opportunities. We try to create pertinent, insightful and purposeful posts, staying true to our ultimate goal of a true ROI.


It is easy enough to add up the “likes” or comments from a certain post or conversation, but it is another thing to see a real ROI. Through our monthly reports we monitor the activity created by our work. We take into consideration store traffic if that is a goal. Inter-reaction and scope of reach are also imperative factors in monitoring response. As we grow your reach and lists, it is important to see what is working and what is not. Not every platform is right for every business. We help decide what is the right avenue to pursue and find alternative routes as well. As the social conversation ever evolves so do we.

Our Online Marketing Strategies

Let us get your social working for you!

Website Development & Web Care

Your digital brand is the constant interaction of your brand with your customer. Whether through web, mobile or presentation your audience is engaging with your brand. We make sure your message is consistent and responsive to that engagement.
We offer Web Care once your site is complete to keep it running smooth and ensure it is meeting your expectations.
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Organic Search Engine Optimization

Advanced SEO

• Micro Site Matrixes
• Link Bait Tactics
• Construct Back Link Profiles
• Quality Traffic Generation


Local Directory Listings Setup and Verification

Optimized Directory Submissions to 40+ Local Directory and Map sites. Monitoring of reviews and listings verifications.
Client has access to local dashboard.

Social Media Marketing

Setup new Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus accounts. Post 2 times/day on Facebook, 5 days/week on Facebook, and 4-7 times a day/5 days a week on Twitter. LinkedIn Management: 2-3 updates/week, join and interact with a maximum of 45 groups. Google Plus: 2-3 updates per week. Facebook advertising and boosting posts will also be part of our strategy.


Reputation Management/Reviews Acquisition

Good reviews are essential to a customer’s brand, and website rankings. Our software driven system solicits positive reviews from your past, current, and future customers and posts them to Yelp, Google+, Facebook, and 50+ review sites.

Blog/Content Creation

We can setup, design, brand, and configure 1 blog (WordPress custom theme) on a custom URL and optimize the site on a recurring monthly basis. We can setup, design and configure one content curation website (Storify or Scoopit Pro), and publish on that site weekly.

Google Adwords PPC Campaigns

A pay-per-click Google ad campaign will be considered as part of an initial strategy. Along with the ad targeting and retargeting program, it can be a quick and cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website. We will research and setup the campaign and optimize the ad groups to obtain the least possible cost-per-click.

Consumer Targeting and Retargeting

Consumer targeting and retargeting uses ad display networks to target your exact target audience demographics, worldwide, based on filters we mutually determine, showing on hundreds of thousands of websites. Retargeting is displaying ads on other websites that are visited by visitors to your own website, thus “following” your website visitor.

When your site is complete and live, we offer Web Care!

We do the maintenance your site needs to keep it up and running.
From checking for malware, software updates and SEO enhancements we cover it all. 

We offer three options to best suit your needs.
Even if we didn’t create your site, we are still here for you to ensure it is up running smoothly and up-to-date.

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